Sunday, August 8, 2010

If I'm stressed it's because I'm blessed.

I like to rhyme the words
 "bless" and "stress."
Let me tell you something.

Nothing makes you want a glass of fermented fruit juice more than planning your long distance wedding that's two months out while starting your first job.

I'd also like to tell you that nothing electrifies my life more than planning my long distance wedding that's two months out while starting my first job. Talk about blessings.

The third week of my job at Campbell is on the brink, and I'm realizing how time flies post-grad. I'm not napping between bouts of cafeteria food and doodling during class. My days start with spacing-out at my awful 80s floral valance for a few minutes, daydreaming about flying through Harnett County in a tiara and cape while Outlook loads and cyberspace delivers reality one pixel at a time.

Each day is a small adventure, sometimes involving a golf cart with nine lives or donuts no human pancreas is prepared for.

The pace will only pick up once students move in next weekend. It'll be strange to not only be a professional at Campbell, but to be seen as one. No more wearing yoga pants just because I didn't' feel like washing my jeans that week. But hey, now I have an excuse to go skirt hunting! 

The wedding planning process has reached the point where the women around me tell me it's all going to be okay, that it'll come together, and that I'll live through it. Similar reactions to a diagnosis of pneumonia or heart break... in some ways wedding planning can be equally traumatic.

Nonetheless, I'm working on reminding myself that the purpose of the day is to marry Elliot, not to make sure the card stock of the escort cards and invitations are the same shade of white. I never thought I'd be considering details beyond matching my socks, but alas, this is the one time I can choose my card stock and its varying shades of white... or ivory... or bright white? The options are endless.

If I'm stressed it's because I'm blessed.


  1. Sara,

    I cannot wait to be able to see you again! I miss you!

    I somewhat understand the stress of your wedding planning; I was just in my brother's wedding and I never knew how many decisions a bride had to make until recently. It made me think that I may want to elope when I get married!

    I love your positive attitude about things and that you realize this is all about marrying Elliot. It's not about how beautiful and perfect everything is supposed to look, it's about starting the rest of your life with the man of your dreams.

    -Megan Scannell :-)

  2. I love skirt hunting. It's one of my hobbies now.--Abbey