Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Waiting for the fireworks

(No, I'm not picking Elliot's nose.)
When I decided to dive into my current job with AmeriCorps, I questioned my future as a writer. Was I going to do "community stuff" until retirement, or was I going to get back on the journalism bandwagon after a few years of attempting to save the world? 

Questions, questions, and more questions.

As I began preparing for my position over the summer, answers to that question trickled in ever so slowly. Early on I created a blog for service learning at Campbell (which right now is more about community service) that soon began serving as a creative outlet for me at work. It doesn't exist as a catharsis for myself, but I certainly enjoy writing it. Not having to read and write for hours at a time (a.k.a. college) made me hunger for the written word. I was reading nutrition labels and evangelism literature in Spanish to get my brain to calm down.

I decided that my vocation is supposed to involve writing when I realized recently that I can only go so long without writing, and at this point by "writing" I mean posting on here because it's the best place to write. I'm not a journalist so I'm not crafting news and my brain works way faster than my hand so I don't keep a diary... but really, I don't write at all. I type. Blogging will tie me over for now.

Also in the arena of changes (but with not so serious questions) is moving permanently out of Buies Creek and 30 miles north to Elliot's place in Raleigh. Everything I own inside NC lines, minus clothes and toiletries, is either in one of our vehicles or stacked up in our apartment. Talk about transition. Buies Creek is a special place, but I've been looking forward to moving out. Living here is keeping me stuck in the student mind-set, and naturally I'd rather be exploring Raleigh with Elliot than becoming addicted to Hulu in the Creek.

It's no secret that the wedding is coming up so I won't bore you with my excitement about that. It's surreal that the countdown is in the teens, and such a short time ago in college I thought October 16 would never arrive. I feel like Elliot and I are watching fireworks shoot up into the sky and reeling in the suspense of them exploding in an unthinkable array of color and beauty. We've been waiting for and working towards this day for what seems like a long time, and if wedding planning has taught us anything, 'tis that the wedding day is just the launch pad for a beautiful and colorful life.

Elliot's camera magic at Walt Dizzle World.

Actual nose picking. What a couth man I have.

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