Friday, January 21, 2011

Learning how to be awesome

Alas, I have become one of those bloggers who writes steadily for a few months then suddenly forgets about it. I'm a fair-weather blogger, apparently.

The nitty gritty, in an organized list, of course:

1. Three weeks after the wedding we adopted a chow chow from the Wake County SPCA. His name is Norton, and if you're my Facebook friend you know how adorable and mischievous he is!

2. We've been church hunting since November and might have a winner. Only time will tell!

3. House searching has also been on our to-list. We're quickly growing out of the apartment-- so much stuff and Norty needs a place to run around and be a doggy.

4. I decided to stay with Campbell as its VISTA for another year and am very excited about what the future holds for a culture of service at the university!

On a more qualitative note, married life for us is lovely and every day is a new adventure. Norton is our dog child and satisfies our need to comfort and care for something... and my need to dress something (just being honest). We talk about how cute he is when he sleeps, we stare at him adoringly while he licks peanut butter off a spoon, and we love to show him off at public places like the dog park and Pet Smart. Minus places where we show him off, he is our child for the time being (and very proudly the first grand child in both families).

I guess you could say the theme of life right now is growth-- growing into a married couple, growing into professionals, and growing into care takers. Eventually we'll grow into home owners and some day we'll grow into parents (calm down Mom, not too soon).

In the moment we enjoy growing closer to each other and enjoying one another as spouses. Nothing in general is terribly different in our routine, though we are a bit busier and the pile of ironing is perpetual. Corny alert: we have each other forever, and that makes every day really awesome.

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