Saturday, February 19, 2011

The essentials of newlywed life

I was just in the kitchen putting long-gone leftovers down the disposal while thinking, "Man, I wish someone told us to be sure to eat all the leftovers." Not as if forethought and advice were going to solve that problem, we just have a bad habit of neglecting leftovers (and I'm picky about how long food can remain safe in the fridge). 

As I sorrowfully scraped earthy smelling chili and crusted over casserole down the drain I mentally compiled a list of advice I would give my many friends getting married in the near future. These aren't things anyone suggested to us in a wedding card or a hug after our wedding ceremony. They're lessons we've learned in our three months of marriage.

1. Don't ignore your leftovers. 

2. Grocery stores have the best deals Monday - Thursday. On that note, cut coupons.

3. Know who does what around the house.

4. Talk about sex and money, even if it's awkward. This means using words out loud to have a conversation.

5. Go to the farmer's market. 

6. Buy trash bags in bulk. (We bought ours in July and still have plenty left.)

7. If your job allows you to talk throughout the day (a text here and there), do it. 

8. Buy a Swiffer mop.

9. Get a pet (or a plant) soon. Doesn't have to be a 50 lb. chow chow, just something you can care for and cherish together. 

10. No television in the bed room. I don't mean "no television during sex," I mean don't put a television in your room. 

11. Be comfortable with farts. On that note, Febreze products on sale are awesome.

I think we learn something new every day, though these are the big things after being bound to each other for a little over 90 days. I wish I had pictures for all of these (especially the last one) because they would make the list really hilarious. 

Valentine's Day 2011... numbers 11 and 1

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