Sunday, June 13, 2010

All things new

For those of you who just graduated from college, you understand how this summer is so different from all others in my life. No summer reading, no tuition payments, no moving back to student housing. This summer arrived with a new purpose-- to mark the beginning of my life as an adult.

And if you want to hear a story about blessings, you've come to the right place. I left Campbell with a degree in Communication Studies, but my concentration was in print journalism. Since high school I knew my future lied in a news room. I wanted to use writing to tell the stories of the invisible layers of society-- those who couldn't tell their own story.

The job hunt begin in January. Elliot and I hunted the Web for openings at community newspapers from the North Carolina mountains up to Washington, D.C. I had interview after interview, raise hopes after raised hopes. Some openings proved promising in the last week of April when I had four interviews. Needless to say, I was surprised to be getting so many bites in a time when not only are jobs scarce, but newspapers are a casualty of the technology war.

The end of April also brought Operation Inasmuch, which I was helping the university to cover as part of the media team. At a park in Erwin I saw our campus minister, Faithe Beam. Conversations with Faithe are typically enlightening, but little did I know how much our chat that day would change my life (and Elliot's life).

I updated Faithe on my promising job leads. I was prepared to graduate and take a reporting position, no questions asked. It's what I had wanted for a long time and I had worked hard to prepare for a life as a journalist.

As it turned out, God had been preparing me for the last four years-- but not to become a journalist (at least not right away). He had been honing my communication, writing, speaking and Spanish skills in order to make sure I would be ready for the job He basically dropped in my lap the day I spoke with Faithe.

In the last three months or so, God has given me a fantastic job, a new place to live, time to see family, and the excitement of my upcoming marriage to Elliot. He has given me a new life to make my own with what He has given me.

He makes all things new.

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