Friday, June 25, 2010

Orange colored lens

Ladies and gentlemen, it's official. I graduated from college.

Now, of course, May 15 was the day I received my diploma and took 10,876 pictures in my sweat-soaked polyester graduation gown.

But I haven't really "felt" like a graduate until today.

I lived today in a new role that not only changed how I see myself, but also how I see other people. My professors and other Campbell faculty are now colleagues. Incoming freshman seem so young and so babyfaced-- me only four years ago. I've jumped to the next lillypad in life.

And it's weird.

Usually at Campbell events I don't need to know where to go or what to do because someone else makes the plans and herds us around. Today I was one of the the ones answering questions (sometimes with the wrong answer) and appearing to students and parents as the where the information buck stops.

As unusual as the day was, it was enlightening and enjoyable. I grew to know better my Campus Ministry colleagues. I saw a lot of puzzled looks from other Campbell staff who were wondering why this "I've never seen you before" girl has an official name tag (by the way, it's magnetic and awesome).

I spent a few minutes observing the incoming freshman. The girls wore their favorite clothes and their shiniest lip gloss. The guys put on airs of nonchalance, of course. We had preppy kids, tech geeks, jocks, shy kids, and your average Joes and Josephines who are okay with collecting at least 15 orange shirts over the next four years.

I guess I was a little sad I was no longer one of them. I became very comfortable with college life. I was good at it. Now I have a new life that I'm 85% unfamiliar with, and sometimes it's overwhelming, but really-- what do I have to fear? My dream job, a community I've grown to love, or awesome colleagues? I'm the weakest part of that equation because of the doubts I lay on myself.

This summer I have a different and new purpose at Campbell, and I'm embracing it once crooked brick at a time.

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