Friday, February 12, 2010

Round Two

I created my first blog as a medium to express my views on Campbell-related issues after completing two semesters as Editor-in-Chief of The Campbell Times. It was a place for a cathartic release of thoughts after catching wind of a lot of information I couldn't publish in the paper but felt the student body needed to know and/or understand.

After not posting anything on that blog since July, not only have I forgotten the password and can't log in, but many things in my life have changed that make the blog moot. Not only have I emotionally severed myself from university matters (aka I don't give a crap), but college will be over soon and I'll have more interesting things to write about. For example, getting married, moving permanently to North Carolina, and hopefully starting a job soon.

The main reason I have a blog, however, is to keep writing. A post may be about a hot button issue, or maybe just how much I love wide-leg pants. I'll also record the adventures I share with Elliot throughout our upcoming marriage. I don't expect anyone to care. I just like to write and share my thoughts with the world via blogging, the new form of global conversation.

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